They Would Have Spent Purim In Tears: Send Music and Mishloach Manos To Hundreds Of Hospital Patients!

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Lily* is a frail child sitting in a hospital bed, depleted of energy due to her treatment, crying into her pillow because it’s Purim today.

Last year she dressed up as a princess but this year she’s wearing pajamas. Instead of racing around town delivering her Mishloach Manos, she’s eating hospital food, receiving medicines and treatments, and listening to beeping monitors.

🪄She’s not being a princess this year, but you can be the magician waving the magic wand.

Ach Someach is an incredible organization whose goal is to spread the joy of Purim to those who would otherwise spend the day in tears.

Dedicated volunteers travel the country on the happiest day of the year, with musicians and singers, deliveries of Mishloach Manos, and complete Purim meals to patients and their families.

Our volunteers are busy as we speak, packing hundreds of Mishloach Manos and cooking for mass Purim Seuods. All this is powered completely by donations from people like you.

Without the public’s help, hundreds of children like Lily will spend the happiest day of the year in tears.

Fill the hospital ward with joy. Sponsor a hospital patient’s Purim.

GOAL: $80,000

Raised $5,300
Goal $75,000
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