*MAJOR UPDATE!!* A Young Jewish Girl Is Trapped In An Arab Village: PLEASE HELP SAVE HER LIFE!!!

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MAJOR UPDATE 01/22/23: Thanks to you we reached our goal and Sara has been freed!!!!! We have added another $30k as after this extreme form of trauma Sara urgently needs psychological care to process what she has been through and to lead a normal life. Please share this with others so we can help her as much as possible. Every dollar goes a very long way. Thank you!!

Many sad stories come to me as someone who works with kids who are out on the streets.. But nothing has moved me more than the story of Sara.

Sara is the oldest of 8 children in a frum family. A confused teenager struggling to find her way in the world, she was kicked out of school, told she was “not a good fit.” Tragically, instead of giving her the help she needed, she was kicked out of the house.

That is when sweet innocent Sara wound up on the streets. She met the wrong people, fell in with the wrong crowd. All she wanted was to survive.

Now she is being kept in an Arab village, kidnapped for ransom. If we don’t pay them what they ask, her life is in serious danger.

Please, help us to save this Yiddishe neshama. It is truly a matter of life and death.

In the merit of your help you should be blessed to raise healthy, happy frum children who are protected from the dangers of the world!

Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos

Tova Safranai

Founder, Ahavat Chinam


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The “Ahavat Chinam” organization works with the aim of providing protection to at-risk youth (girls, boys, and adults). Youths who were expelled from “the system,” and thrown to the extreme margins of society. There these young Jewish people were exposed to violence, sexual abuse, drugs and drug trafficking, and “street hunters” who take advantage of their hardships and weaknesses to fulfill their needs. Ahavat Chinam helps keep these young people safe.

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