AMSALEM FAMILY EMERGENCY FUND: My Husband Was Cruelly Murdered In The Simchas Torah Massacre. Please Help Us Survive!

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My name is Rivky Amsalem, and on October 7th, my husband Yosef, the wonderful father of our kids, was torn from us in the most unimaginable of cruel ways.

Just moments before, our kids were eagerly rushing to shul to meet him. The crushing truth was unbearable: I had to tell them that their father is gone forever.

I am left now with 5 children who are devastated with grief. How will I take care of them, on my own? My salary is not enough to provide for a family. Please, if you can help us. Please, help me to provide for my kids Sara (15), Shalom (11), Moishy (9), Yitzchok (6), and Chani (3) after this horrible, horrible tragedy.  

Thank you so, so much

Rivky Amsalem

*For the privacy and dignity of my family during this sensitive period, several names have been changed. Photo has been used for illustrative purposes only. Your understanding and support mean the world to us.

GOAL: $100,000

Raised $32,780
Goal $100,000
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