AHAVAT CHINAM: Join Together With Other Jews To Help Israel’s Needy!

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Dear Jewish brothers & sisters,

When we started Ahavat Chinam, we just knew that we wanted to help Jews in need. We never dreamed that a bloody and exhausting war would begin. Now our work is needed more than ever.

During these three weeks we have been on the ground, helping wherever we can.

  • Fundraising, purchasing, and bringing supplies to soldiers who need a hot meal or a live-saving piece of equipment.
  • Groceries and other support for the thousands of families who have been displaced and are living in empty apartments with nothing.
  • We are even raising funds to make a Bar Mitzvah for a very special young boy from the South who has lived through things a child should never know.

This is a time for Jews of all ages and backgrounds to come together as one. And in the merit of ahavat chinam instead of sinat chinam, we should see the Geula bimherah byomeinu Amen!

Shuki Solomon
Ahavat Chinam

GOAL: $100,000

Raised $6,053
Goal $150,000
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Ahavat Chinam was founded 4 years ago, by the Israeli musician Shuki Salomon to promote Ahavat Chinam in Israeli society.

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This Isn’t Just Charity,
It’s Tzedaka

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