R’MEIR HACKER FAMILY FUND: He’s A Hero To The Jewish People – Now His Family Needs Saving

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Rav Meir Hacker is a legend in the chesed world. For many years he has worked with ZAKA, including being one of the first responders in the South after October 7th. He is often seen in hospitals, giving support to the sick. He spends so much time caring for others, few knew what was really going on at home.

R’ Meir’s wife, Rebbetzin Hacker, has been ill for more than 5 years. After many intense surgeries, she is bedridden and unable to function. Just as R’Hacker cares for the needy outside of his home, his life is dedicated caring for his loving wife, and the children who can no longer turn to Mommy for help.

The family is extremely poor. Everything they have goes toward medical bills. The amazing work that R’Hacker does for ZAKA is on a volunteer basis.

Now, R’Hacker’s daughter, Esther, is getting married. There is nothing to help her get ready – She can’t even afford a simple dress. The whole process has been humiliating for her. After everything they have been through, it is extremely painful for the Hackers that they can’t help Esther get ready for her chuppah.

Donations here help the Hackers to make a simcha with dignity, just as R’Hacker gave dignity to countless Jewish bodies doing the mitzvah of “chesed shel emet.”

Please, help is desperately needed! Give what you can!

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