AVRAHAM FAMILY FUND: Lifesaving Treatment for Father of 6 With Brain Cancer

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UPDATE 03/28: We are still far from our goal and time is running out. We are begging you to please, donate whatever you can to save my husband. We can’t bear the thought of losing him. Please, have it in your hearts to help us save his life while he still has time.

UPDATE 03/27: Please, keep davening for Moshe Refael ben Shayna Raizel! We have raised over $22,000 with your help. Moshe’s condition is just getting worse and we need your help to save him.

My name is Chani Avraham and right now, I am going through the biggest nisayon of my life– My husband Moshe, the amazing father of our 6 kids, is fighting brain cancer.

Right now I am with him in the hospital, trying to help him cope. It is so frightening to see someone who was always so strong, so vibrant, now so utterly helpless and fearful. This picture was taken a few weeks ago, and already since then he lost his beard and all of his hair, and he is so thin that he is barely recognizable.

My kids and I are trying so hard to be strong. I am trying to keep life as normal as possible for them, but my husband and I both stopped working, and all the money we had went to treatments for Moshe, and now we need to rely on the kindness of good people.

Chemotherapy is covered by national insurance but the more intense treatments are out of pocket. Please, I am begging you, my children need their father. Please, save him.

Please note the haskama below. On behalf of my entire family and I, thank you so much.

Chani Avraham

Please daven for Moshe Refael ben Shayna Raizel

GOAL: $75,000

Raised $24,162
Goal $75,000
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