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Dear Fellow Yidden,

My name is Moishe Berger, and I write to you today with concern for my father, Rabbi Aharon Berger. He is a man who dedicated his life to Torah and Tzedakah, and was a pillar in our community. Our lives took a tragic turn when my dear mother, Naava a”h, fell sick. She battled with a cruel disease that left her short of breath and was nifteres away after a long struggle. The pain was unbearable for my father. He couldn’t withstand the grief, and his health took a serious hit.

He is now a shell of the man he once was. From dental issues to deafness, from leg problems to obesity, he is plagued with ailments. He lives off the charity of kind-hearted individuals, and without their generosity, he and I wouldn’t even have a suit to wear.

I am raising funds to help my father regain his health. We need to secure hearing aids, dental implants, and necessary surgeries for him. Your donation, no matter how small, won’t just be a contribution to my father’s health…It will help restore a broken man’s dignity.

On behalf of my father and I, thank you so much.

Moishe Berger

GOAL: $45,000

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Goal $45,000
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