THEY HAVEN’T SLEPT IN A MONTH: Please Help The Families Of The Hostages

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My sweet Oria,

Do you play where you are?

Are you hungry? Are you cold? Do you still have your blanket? The one wrapped around you when they dragged you away?

At night, does anyone sing you a song? In the morning, does anyone give you a kiss?

Will I ever hold you in my arms again?

These are the tortured thoughts of a mother whose child was stolen by Hamas on October 7th. It is pain beyond comprehension.

Our volunteer organization, Loshon HaRa Lo Medaber Elai, is raising funds here to help the families of the hostages. Donations will go toward grocery bills, rent, clothing, and other basics needed during this unthinkable time.

For each donation, “Loshon Hara Lo Medaber Elai (Don’t speak loshon hara to me)” bracelets will also be distributed to soldiers, to continue to spread the mitzvah of shemiras haloshon during the war. The soldiers have happily embraced this mitzvah and you can take part in this huge kiddush Hashem.

1 bracelet – $12
10 bracelets – $89
100 bracelets – $880

Please give what you can, to help the families of the hostages, and to continue to give support to our soldiers. And in the merit of your donation, and the merit of the powerful mitzvah of shemiras haloshon, we should see the hostages home safe soon.

GOAL: $200,000

Raised $1,462
Goal $200,000
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Lashon Hara, Speak no Evil! is a non-profit project that was born as part of an ambition to encourage a better social reality between the different sectors of the Israeli people. All of our tongues slip sometimes. While to the speaker it feels as if another word was just thrown into the air, the outcome could be devastating to the person spoken about. The purpose of the project is to serve as a reminder that we all have common values and a desire for a more embracing and united society. That's why we say: “Lashon Hara, Speak no Evil!”

Now the nation of Israel is in a difficult and painful period in which everyone wants to do something to influence themselves and the situation. “Lashon Hara, Speak no Evil!” goes to the front lines, strengthens and encourages the soldiers, and helps the soldiers and their families as much as they can.


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This Isn’t Just Charity,
It’s Tzedaka

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