Yom Tov Is Here And Their Tables Are Empty: Please Help Bsiyata Feed Aniyei Eretz Yisroel!

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“Mommy, why is our table empty this Yom Tov?”

Established ten years ago, Bsiyata is a dedicated non-profit focused on nourishing the needy in Israel. Over the years, we’ve provided over 20,000 food boxes, touching the lives of countless families.

Right now, our mission is to distrubute food boxes to impoverished families in Yerushalayim who currently have no food for Yom Tov.

➪$260 provides a heartwarming Yom Tov meal for those in dire need.

➪$1,000 provides food for a family’s entire Sukkos

Please help these families celebrate a joyous Yom Tov, and you should be blessed to always have what you need to make the Yomim Tovim in comfort!

💛 Together, we can light up their Yom Tov!!! 💛

With gratitude,


GOAL: $27,000

Raised $8,159
Goal $27,000
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Whether it’s raising money for a yeshiva, or a life-saving surgery, Achisamach devotes itself to helping widows, orphans, and talmidei chachamim all over the world.

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