My Husband Passed Away At A Tragically Young Age. Please Help Us Survive Without Him.

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Update, June 20: Thank you so much to everyone who has helped. We are still struggling to get through each day but each of your donations has comforted us tremendously. Even with your generosity, we are still in urgent need of financial aid. Please share if you can.
Thank you, Tova

Dear merciful Klal Yisroel,

I’ve pushed writing this off for months. But I’ve reached the point that things can no longer continue like this.

I am in a very difficult situation. Not long ago, my husband Danny got Corona. He had cancer, and then when he contracted Corona as well, it was just too much for his body to handle…

I will never forget the levaya. The rain falling and colliding with my tears as I wept unabashedly along with my four kids for the father and husband that would never see us again. Every morning I wake up and expect him to be there, and then the memories come flooding back.

Our lives have changed drastically since then. I have medical debts that I cannot handle alone. I try so hard to cope, to put on a brave face for my children, but we are behind on rent and I am beside myself with worry. Every day since Danny died has been about survival, and now we are on the brink of losing our home. I am scared. I am asking Klal Yisroel to hear the cry of a widow and her children and please, not to turn us away.

Please, even if everyone who reads this donates just a bit, that could truly save us.

Thank you so much and Hashem should shower you with brachos,

Tova Buxbaum

A note from Achisamach: Please donate $120 or more to help family who is on the brink of losing their home.
Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

GOAL: $40,000

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Goal $40,000
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Whether it’s raising money for a yeshiva, or a life-saving surgery, Achisamach devotes itself to helping widows, orphans, and talmidei chachamim all over the world.

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