Shimon Is Suffering From A Rare Blood Disorder – Please help us save him!

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Hi, my name is Miriam Byriben. I’m raising a large family of 12 together with my husband Asher in Beit Shemesh. We live frugally, but we manage to survive day to day.

Now we are facing a crisis that we cannot manage on our own: our 12-year-old son, Shimon, was recently diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that affects his ability to produce healthy white blood cells. The functioning of his immune system is impaired as a result, leaving his body unable to cope with the smallest infection.

It’s frightening to think that catching a cold could land him in the hospital.

Shimon is in dire need of a life-saving treatment that will be performed locally in Israel. Unfortunately, the treatment is not covered by our health insurance, and the high cost is just way beyond our reach.

I am begging you: please save Shimon Mordechai ben Miriam. Please help us pay for the treatment and save his life. He is so young, he hasn’t even had his bar mitzvah yet.

There is no way I can thank you enough for saving our son’s life.

We are fortunate that Rabbi Aharon Kass vouches for us in the following hamlatzah [ORIGINAL BELOW]:

Tishrei 5784

A Letter To Our Generous Nation Who Support Torah

I am writing on behalf of a great talmid chacham who learns Torah day and night, Rav Asher Zelig Byriben shlita. He has a family of 12 and they are mistapek b’muat in the extreme.

Now, he is dealing with immense medical expenses for two of his sons. One of his sons is now in dire need of a lifesaving treatment which is very expensive, and he has no way to pay for it.

A Sefer Torah is suffering! The situation is very serious. There are three different mitzvos here: supporting a talmid chacham, mitzvas tzedaka and saving a life.

All those who donate towards this great mitzvah of supporting those who learn Torah in difficult situations should be blessed with all the brachos of the Torah, with everything they need.

Written and signed for this great mitzvah,
Rabbi Aharon Kass shlita
Kehillas Oraysa – Beit Shemesh

Please daven for Shimon Mordechai ben Miriam

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