CHANI’S HACHNASAS KALLAH FUND: My Daughter’s Wedding Is Approaching And We Haven’t Been Able To Buy Her Anything Yet. Please Help Us!

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Hello, my name is Mrs. Katz and I am the mother of a wonderful family in Eretz Yisroel. Boruch Hashem, our family has been blessed with many brachos in our lives. But finances was never one of them. We work so many hours, but it’s simply never enough. We often don’t even have money to put food in the fridge.

Beezras Hashem, in one month we are marrying off our daughter, Chani. We are thrilled for her, but we don’t know how we will afford it. Hachnasas kallah is a very special mitzvah. I hope that you will reach out and help us to marry Chani off, and to allow our family to enjoy this special day rather than, chas v’shalom, suffer. I hope that you will help us to get our children out of this seemingly inescapable financial rut which has paralyzed us. We want to get up. We want to walk into the future with our heads held high - and we cannot do it without help.

Thank you so much for making my daughter happy. Hashem should bless you with only brachos, only success, only good!

Mrs. Katz

GOAL: $40,000

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Goal $40,000
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