Orphan. Cancer Survivor. She’s Suffered So Much – Please Help Devora Get Married!

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Hi, my name is Rochel.

My daughter Devora is engaged and getting married very soon. She’s so excited, maybe more than your average kallah because we honestly weren’t sure that she would live to get married. 7 years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer.

After a long and hard battle with the dreaded disease – she won, she survived. That’s not the happy ending to our story though. Just 3 years later, my husband a”h passed away. It’s hard to describe the shock and the pain, but life moves on, or so I thought.

As a widow, marrying off a child on your own is almost impossible. Devora’s recovery came at a high price that left us with no savings. My income is enough to live simply, but not to save enough to pay for even the simplest wedding.

I’m trying to keep the financial details from Devora – she deserves to be happy and prepare for her wedding like every other kallah – but I don’t have an answer for her when she asks why we’re not going to pick out linens, or try on a wedding dress.

Please help a widow marry off her daughter happily after everything we’ve been through.


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Goal $30,000
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