URGENT PIKUACH NEFESH: Our Wonderful Husband And Father Of 4 Is On His Deathbed. We Are Begging Of You To Help Us Save His Life.

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My name is Shoshana Stein and I live with my beautiful family in Eretz Yisroel.

For the past decade, my husband Dovid suffered from a cancerous disease in his blood. Then, over the past 6 months, his health deteriorated more and more….

Right now, we are at a crossroads– My husband is lying on his deathbed.

The doctors informed us of a revolutionary treatment that can save Dovid’s life…But it costs thousands of dollars something we don’t have…. I am begging of you– My four children can’t lose their Tatty. We can’t lose him. Please, please help us keep him alive.

Thank you so much,


A note from Darchei Miriam: Several details have been changed in order to protect the family’s privacy. We suggest donations of $250 or more as Dovid’s life is currently hanging in the balance. Thank you.

GOAL: $85000

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Goal $85,000
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ICSN works in partnership with the service provider, Darchei Miriam, and forms the American Friends of Darchei Miriam. ICSN is a warm community of cancer support throughout Israel. A network of dedicated volunteers and professionals stand with families to ease the burden of cancer treatment.

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