MOVING REQUEST FROM RAV NAFTOLI NUSSBAUM SHLITA: “We Are Speaking Of An Orphan, With No Father Or Mother!”

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Dear Klal Yisroel,

Look into Moshe Dovid Ehrlich’s eyes.

These are the eyes of a boy who has suffered tremendously

Moshe Dovid is an orphan, all alone in the world. He has no one to support him financially, and is suffering from not just one, but several difficult diseases. It’s been some years since his parents have passed, and he has no father to hold his hand, no mother to stroke his hair and reassure him that everything will be okay.

We ask of everyone to do their part to help this yesom have a refuah shleimah immediately, and in the zechus of this mitzvah, you should be zoche to Rav Nussbaum Shlita’s brocha to see the Geulah Shleima very soon.

Because right now, Moshe Dovid is defenseless and alone. And he’s asking you to lend him a hand.


“In these lines I have come with a request to help the dear bochur Moshe Dovid Ehrlich. He is orphaned from his father and mother, and he has no family or relatives to help him. He is in need of assistance in all areas of his life.

Now he has many expenses, and R’ Yaakov Tzvi Solomon shlita has taken it upon himself to help him, and it is a great mitzvah to give to the orphan and to provide him with generous financial assistance. All those who help is performing this mitzvah of supporting an orphan should be blessed with everything good.

Signing in honor of the great mitzvah,

Naftali Nussbaum”

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Goal $22,000
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