A merciless fire destroyed our simple home, turning our lives over. My wife, Sara, is in critical condition. We need Klal Yisroel to help us rebuild.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last week, it was just a regular Friday morning. The kids were in school, I was out shopping, and my wife Sara stayed home to make Shabbos. It was a fateful decision.
In an instant our lives changed forever. A merciless fire engulfed our home and left us with nothing but pain and ashes.

Sara suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation. She is hospitalized in critical condition in Hadassah Ein Kerem.
Anyone experienced with burns knows that the road to recovery is not simple. I have no way of knowing how long it will take.

My children are staying with kind neighbors and cousins. I don’t know if they will ever have a home to return to. We have nothing left.
The thought of buying new clothes, furniture, housewares, and renovating our home is daunting. We were barely making ends meet before this.
Please help my family rebuild all we have lost, and bring everyone under one roof again.

Eli Stein

Names have been changed to protect privacy

GOAL: $30,000

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Goal $50,000
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