I lost my brother and my leg in battle. Please prevent more injuries and deaths by replacing soldiers’ outdated protective gear!

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Hello, I’m David,

This war has been particularly painful for me. I lost my dear brother in battle, and the pain is still very raw. I was in Gaza for months, until I got injured. While I’m grateful to be alive, I lost a leg, and face a lifetime locked in a wheelchair. It’s incredibly painful to change your identity from a strong and fit father to a handicapped individual.

This is why I’m so passionate about this cause. I believe that we can, and must, prevent further death and injuries by providing up-to-date equipment to soldiers.

Many soldiers are working with insufficient outdated protective gear, severely compromising their safety, and causing stories of attacks where soldiers using old equipment were harmed, while those who had newer protection weren’t.

Something has to change before more lives are lost, and together with Organization Shomrei Yisroel, we are currently raising funds to purchase up-to-date protective equipment. The equipment the soldiers need are bulletproof plates ($1,020 each), tactical vests ($800 each), ballistic helmets ($340 each), and protective goggles ($180 each).

We need your help to be able to purchase the huge amount of equipment that is needed. By sponsoring up-to-date equipment, we can significantly lower the number of those killed and injured, by ensuring that every soldier stepping out into battle has the most cutting-edge protection available to him.

As a soldier who’s been hit hard by this war, I’m begging you to protect the rest of the soldiers in combat. These brave soldiers are risking their lives for the safety of our country – they are depending on us to return home alive and whole.

Praying for peace,


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