My Husband Passed Away & My Son Is Getting Married In One Week. Please Help Me Marry Him Off!

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UPDATE 05/16: Boruch Hashem we pulled off a wedding! We still are in need of a lot of help to buy basic furnishing and appliances so please please open your hearts and donate!! Thank you so so much, so much, Hashem should bless you and your families with beautiful simchas!!!


My name is Shoshana Glaser. Boruch Hashem, I have seven children. My husband Shlomo, zichrono livracha was the provider of our family. But two years ago, we lost him in a terrible tragedy to leukemia.

This is our very difficult situation. My husband was the sole provider for the family. I’m left alone with my younger kids and my oldest son, my precious son Moshe, who I’m very grateful to Hashem is engaged. The chasunah Be’ezras Hashem will be in just a few days on Lag Baomer. But there are a lot of expenses and we are still not ready.

Yidden, Rachmanim Bnei Rachmanim – Please have mercy on me! My son is over the moon, but honestly, I am terrified. I don’t even know if the wedding will be, what this wedding will look like, how this will happen. I am begging you for help. Please help me see my son to the chuppah with pride, and without shame. We are completely helpless without you.

In the zechus of this mitzvah Hashem should pay you back, with all brachos ad bli dai!

Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos,

Shoshana Glaser

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Goal $50,000
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