Esther Is Fighting For Her Life. Please, Help Us Give Esther The Surgery She Needs To Survive Before Time Runs Out On Her

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UPDATE 8/31: We’ve raised nearly a fifth of the amount we need to save Esther! A fifth is not nearly enough, but it’s a significant milestone – and we only go this far because of you! Please continue to donate & share this campaign page so we can save Esther’s life. Each donation counts!!

UPDATE 7/25: Time is running out for Esther! Please help us get esther to Germany for treatment as soon as possible. It’s literally our only hope at saving our oldest daughter’s life. We are so deeply grateful to everyone who has donated so far, please help us raise the entire amount to save Esther!! Please continue to daven for Esther Rosa bas Chana Leah.


My name is Chana Greenfeld.

Our 14-year-old daughter Esther has always been a wonderful, sweet, ‘normal’ little girl. She’s my right hand and helps take care of her 3 younger siblings. That all changed a few months ago. She started to scream and cry from pain in her neck and shoulders, but nothing had happened. We didn’t understand what was going on, we saw no wound … We took her to the doctor and that is where they explained that our lives were about to change.

Esther was diagnosed with cancer. Stage 4 bone cancer.

Right now, Esther is receiving radiation therapy in Hadassah Ein Kerem, but we have been advised by her doctors that her best chance at survival is to receive a special life-saving treatment in Germany. It costs $105,00 and is not covered by our insurance. Financially, it seems impossible.

We have poured everything we have into helping her, and we must also think of taking care of the other kids. Affording flights abroad, finding a simple place to live as well as groceries, and following through on payments for treatments is far, far beyond our capabilities.

Please, a little girl’s life is at stake. Look at what a stunning little smile she has … She is so brave, despite her suffering. Please help us save Esther. And Hashem should bless you to have health, and to never have pain.


Please daven for Esther Rosa bas Chana Leah

GOAL: $105,000

Raised $27,175
Goal $80,000
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