I’m Desperate, and Getting Married THIS WEEK. Please Help a Kallah With Nothing!

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UPDATE 2/8: My wedding is tomorrow. With 36 hours left until I walk down the aisle I am terrified. I just don’t have the money to pay for the hall. Please, please help me in the last few hours before my wedding!!

UPDATE 07/31: My heart is pounding, the wedding is this Thursday be’ezras Hashem – I just have no idea how. Thank you to everyone who has helped us raise almost $10,000 so far – please help me get married in just a few days with the rest of the money I really need.

UPDATE 07/19: My wedding is getting closer and closer. Thank you from the depths of my heart to everyone who has donated and helped us raise almost $9000 so far. Please, please help us get to our goal!!

UPDATE 07/11: We still are in desperate need of help to pull off this wedding so please please open your hearts and donate!! Thank you so much, Hashem should bentch you and your families with beautiful brachos and simchas!!!

Hi, my name is Chana Haberman.

I should be happy and busy with a long list of prewedding prep for my wedding on 12 Av. Instead, I’m working long hours as a cashier in the grocery store down the block – taking on extra shifts, sometimes until minutes before Shabbos – to earn as much money as I can to help support my family.

I’m the 4th in a family of 10. My father is disabled and confined to a wheelchair. My mother works very hard taking care of a large family and working long hours. I try to help my parents financially as much as I can with the money I earn from working in the grocery.

With Hashem’s help I’m engaged to a wonderful person who is kind, and accepts me for who I am without yichus or money. My chassan is from a poor family who are not able to help us either. My wedding is coming up in less than a month and nothing is paid for. A local organization has donated an oven, fridge and washing machine – but that is all I have to start married life.

I have no way to provide a deposit to rent a wedding gown, to pay for the catering or anything else for the wedding. We found a small apartment but we can’t sign the contract without the first month’s rent. Even if we did sign, I have nothing to make it into a home – no sheets, towels, dishes…

I am turning to you to help me. Please help me. I have so little time, and my situation is so desperate. I have no idea what else to do. Please help a kallah who works hard to help her family, and is left with literally nothing to start her own life. Hashem should bless you with only, only good.


GOAL: $22,000

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Goal $22,000
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