My Whole Life Crumbled In Moments. Now Is My Chance To Finally Start Over.

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Dear friends,

We are writing to you today to share the heart-wrenching story of Yaakov Aharon, a young man in our Yeshiva who had a very difficult life. At the tender age of 14, his parents divorced, and the 11 children were sent to different homes. Yaakov Aharon was left to fend for himself, with no true place in the world to call home.

Despite challenge after challenge that he faced, Yaakov Aharon applied himself in his avodas hamiddos and learning in Beis Medrosh Elyon. And now the day has finally come- Yaakov Aharon is a chosson! He is engaged to a wonderful woman from a kind but poor family. Despite everything he has been through, he is a solid, capable young man and will undoubtedly extremely very far in life, but he desperately needs help from the Klal to take this important next step.

Please support Yaakov Aharon during the most critical moments of his life. Please help an orphaned chosson get married with the support and the dignity that he needs to build a Bayis Neeman B’yisroel!

Translation Of Haskama From Rabbi Shmuel Shulman of Beis Medrosh Elyon: (Original below)

“Teves 5783

To the generous ones of our nation,

I have come to recommend with my entire heart that you come to the aid of Yaakov Aharon who is going to build an important home for Hashem and his holy Torah. His family situation is extremely unusual. It is a very great mitzvah to help him build his home. He truly needs your assistance.

For this you should be blessed from on High,

Shmuel Shulman
Menahel Ruchani”

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