At Just 18, I’ve Lost My Father and Now Battle a Life-Threatening Illness Alone. Please, I Desperately Need Your Help.

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My name is Eli.

Just seven months ago, I lost my father unexpectedly. Our family is still reeling from the loss, but we’ve been hit with another hardship.

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with a serious illness. It’s always been manageable, but now my father’s gone, everything is spiraling out of control. The treatment costs are overwhelming, we’re scraping together funds for daily necessities and my sister’s upcoming wedding.

I am turning to you with tears in my eyes. I’m just 18, I lost my father, and I’m battling a life-threatening illness alone. I am desperate. I need your help.

Your contribution will keep me alive. It will give me the strength to keep fighting this disease and provide relief to my grief-stricken family. Any amount will help. I want to live, get married, raise a family, just like my father did.

Hashem should bless you with health and blessings for your kindness. Thank you so much.


GOAL: $60,000

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Goal $60,000
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