This Is Yanky’s Last Chance To Beat Cancer

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UPDATE 09/14: As I flip through my machzor to prepare for davening as I do every year, the words Mi Yichye Umi Yamus make my vision blur with tears. I don’t know if my husband will make it. Please, don’t let my kids suffer the agony of losing their father at such a young age. Thank you and you should have a gmar chasima tova.

Hi, I’m Nechama and I’m the mother of four little kids k’’h. Pictured above is Yanky- The hard-working, funny, loving father of our family. Yanky is fighting osteosarcoma, cancer in his bones, and his bravery and emunah has been nothing short of remarkable.

The doctors have found an oncologist in Cleveland who has saved many people specifically with osteosarcoma…But it costs in the thousands. We’ve always had money put away for rainy days, but not a thunderstorm like this.

So this is where I am appealing for your help. If we can find enough people who are willing to donate the cost of what they’d spend on a danish or a coffee, we’d have enough to pay for a full course of treatment – the only hope Yanky has of staying alive. Even if you can’t afford to spare anything, you can make a big difference to our family just by sharing this page.

Thank you so, so much. Hashem should give you only brachos, health, siyatta dishamaya, parnossah tovah, and nachas from your family!!

Nechama Kagan




*Photo has been used for illustrative purpose only. Names have been changed to protect privacy.


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Goal $125,000
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