TIME-SENSITIVE PIKUACH NEFESH: 7-Year-Old Miriam Needs The Help Of The Klal!

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Shalom aleichem dear brothers,

This is Miriam Kaplan. Miriam is seven years old. She is a sister to 11 brothers and sisters.

Miriam has suffered so much for a little girl- She’s been sick for many years with brain cancer. Until today, her treatment has been covered by her HMO. Now, a lifesaving treatment has finally been found for her in Germany.

The cost is enormous, beyond the means of her parents who are a maggid shiur and school secretary, but the situation is urgent. We are calling on Klal Yisroel to be the heroes little Miriam desperately needs. Please do whatever you can to save her young life when her parents can’t. She is only seven years old!

It should be His will that in this merit the Beis Hamikdash will be rebuilt and we should only hear good news, with refuos and yeshuos for all of us.

Amen v’amen

Rav Zilberman

*Photo has been used for illustrative purposes only

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