Kimcha Dpischa With Rav Aharon Kass: “Help These Families Celebrate Pesach As Free People.”

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“Nissan 5783

As Pesach comes near I am searching for my brothers!

As you know, there are many families…who are dealing with health issues and other difficulties. Families who live among us and struggle to survive on a daily basis, especially during this difficult time. This is another chance to help these families with our Kimcha D’Pischa fundraising drive! I am turning to you – whoever is able to, please give, and pass this merit on to others to merit this important mitzvah and give generously.

With Hashem’s help we will be able to help these families celebrate Pesach as free people.

With much bracha
Rabbi Aharon Kass”

Joining this year’s Kimcha D’Pischa campaign is your chance to do the highest level of tzedaka: Giving anonymously, while maintaining the dignity of the recipient family. As we approach Pesach, you make a life-changing difference in the lives of impoverished families in Israel. Please donate here to fulfill the mitzvah of Kimcha Depischa, and to help poor people who are truly suffering. As you sit at your Seder, you can rest assured that you’ve brought more blessings into your life, and the lives of others.

Gut Yom Tov!

GOAL: $24,000

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Goal $24,000
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