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A little boy stands on the street corner in Meah Shearim, watching his classmates’ eyes sparkle with delight as they laugh and share Mishloach Manos. He longs to join them, but ever since his father was laid off, they are barely able to afford rent, let alone treats to share with friends. He wants so badly to join them, but he feels too guilty to even ask his parents for an “extra” like this.

A mother stands in her small apartment in Bnei Brak, watching as her daughter stares out the window. The girl’s eyes light up as she watches children dressed in colorful costumes, laughing and playing in the street. The mother’s heart sinks as she realizes that she has no money to buy her daughter a costume this year. She turns away, fighting back tears.

This year, Rabbi Aharon Kass was overwhelmed with the amount of needy people who came to him, asking for help. Among this group are parents and children who are painfully poor, who simply want to have a happy Purim. Donate matanos levyonim to help families who were devastated this year, and to make their smiles brighter this Purim!

Money collected via the fund will be distributed bo bayom, in keeping with the laws of the mitzvah. A frelichen purim!!!!!

Rabbi Kass hamlatzah

GOAL: $30,000

Raised $1,921
Goal $30,000
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