HELP US IN OUR DOUBLE CAMPAIGN: give our soldiers energizing hot meals and spiritual protection!

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Around the world Jews are taking on more and more Mitzvot, and the soldiers, who are facing death every day, need protection and energy more than ever.

Volunteer organization ‘Loshon Hora Lo Medaber Elai’, is on a double mission to energize and protect the soldiers:

  • Soldiers want more spiritual protection and have fully embraced the mitzvah of Shmiras Haloshon, through the merchandise we’ve given out.
  • Soldiers arrive back from a grueling night in Gaza and are served fresh hot falafel, to nourish them in place of dry army rations.

They desperately need this food to keep going, and these soldiers, many of them irreligious, are asking to keep more Mitzvos – how can we say no?!

We can only do this with your help! Donate now to give an exhausted soldier a fresh meal, and to give our soldiers desperately needed spiritual protection!

GOAL: $100,000

Raised $17,262
Goal $100,000
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Lashon Hara, Speak no Evil! is a non-profit project that was born as part of an ambition to encourage a better social reality between the different sectors of the Israeli people. All of our tongues slip sometimes. While to the speaker it feels as if another word was just thrown into the air, the outcome could be devastating to the person spoken about. The purpose of the project is to serve as a reminder that we all have common values and a desire for a more embracing and united society. That's why we say: “Lashon Hara, Speak no Evil!”

Now the nation of Israel is in a difficult and painful period in which everyone wants to do something to influence themselves and the situation. “Lashon Hara, Speak no Evil!” goes to the front lines, strengthens and encourages the soldiers, and helps the soldiers and their families as much as they can.


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This Isn’t Just Charity,
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