Our Home Has Been Destroyed In A Terrible Fire. Please Help My Family Cope After Everything We Had Has Gone Up In Flames.

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Dear Klal Yisroel,

As I write this, I still can’t believe what has occurred, how much has been destroyed, in the past 12 hours.

Last night, a fire raged through our home in Beitar, engulfing it. The shock is still very raw. Boruch Hashem we escaped with all of our lives.

The devastation is unimaginable—the melted air conditioner pipes, the charred remnants. Our entire home is ash. We are now suddenly homeless, desperately needing help to rebuild our home to make it liveable again for our six little children, who are extremely shaken up. My family no longer has a home. Beds. Clothing. We don’t know where we will sleep tonight. We are completely without a place to go, or any belongings in the world.

Our hearts cry out to you– Please help us survive after losing everything.

With profound gratitude,

The Levys

GOAL: $25,000

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Goal $25,000
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