My husband is suffering from clinical depression. Please help me give my kids a stable childhood. It’s not their fault!

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Hi I’m Chaya Lieberman and I am a mother of six, Boruch Hashem.

Two years ago after my youngest was born, my life turned upside down when my husband was diagnosed with clinical depression. It’s an experience I wish upon no one, with my husband struggling to simply function with the most basic tasks.

I am trying my best to keep things clean and functional but it’s hard doing everything on my own and things are slowly falling apart– I run a playgroup but it’s not nearly enough to survive with six kids. My credit card at the grocery store declines. My landlord is losing patience as he waits for his rent money. I feel like I am drowning, but I can’t give up, for my kids.

My kids are in a very tender, impressionable age- Please help them have a stable childhood, which will Be’ezras hashem be a healthy foundation for their entire lives and generations to come.

Hashem should reward you that you and your loved ones should have briyus in the nefesh and in the guf. Thank you so, so much,

Chaya Lieberman

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