I have five kids, one with down’s syndrome, and I can’t provide for them on my own. Please help us, fellow yidden!

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To whom it may concern,

I’m Aryeh and I’m a father of five great children B’’H. Like many Israelis we always lived very simply. Then, when our youngest was born with down’s syndrome, my wife eventually had to leave her job to take care of him, and things have slowly fallen apart. There were times my wife and I even skipped dinner so our kids wouldn’t go to sleep hungry.

Now, things are really falling apart. If we don’t come up with something soon, we might lose our home. As the man of the home, the pressure is immense. I can’t look at my wife’s face. Can’t look at myself in the mirror.

If you have been blessed by Hashem with parnossah, please support a family has hit some hard times. In return Hashem should give you a life filled with dignity, respect and security that you deserve. I have enclosed a haskama from a Rav in our community below. Thank you so much,

A struggling family

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