MIRIAM’S PIKUACH NEFESH FUND: My Wife Is In Critical Condition & Our Four Little Kids Are Crying For Their Mommy Back– Please Help Us Save Her Life!!

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About a month ago, in the middle of the night, my wonderful wife Miriam, who is always doing chesed for others, was in crippling pain, and we called an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. In the emergency room, they began to perform tests and realized her condition was deteriorating. She was transferred to intensive care, in critical, condition, sedated, ventilated, with her brain not sending signals to her body.

Miriam is still in a coma. We must fly her for treatment in Inova Fairfax Hospital to save her life, but for that, we need something insane: $140,000.

Please, give Miriam the chance of a real life. We never expected this to happen and we cannot imagine life with her, chas vshalom. If you are a parent, please put yourself in my shoes and save my wife and my children’s mother…

Miriam has no hope without your help.

The situation at home is literally crumbling: my kids don’t understand what is happening, and they miss their Mommy. My children are so young, our youngest is only 2, and they all need their mother. Without this surgery, she is not likely to make it. 

Hashem should bless you with tremendous yeshuos, midah kineged midah just like you are doing for us! Thank you so much,





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GOAL: $140,000

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Goal $140,000
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