My Wife Is Sick, And We Are Struggling. Please Help Us To Marry Off Our Son With The Basics (Letter From Rav Meir Sirota shlit”a)

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My name is Chaim Dovid Bukshin. I am B”H the father to 9 amazing children. Ever since my wife got sick, however, we have struggled to give them the things they need. We work hard but we are not able to make ends meet.

Now, my dear son is engaged. I have nothing to offer him & his kallah. They are completely on their own, unable to afford the basic necessities. As a father, this pains me tremendously. It is painful for them too.

I beg of you to please help us, a struggling family, to make a chasuna during this difficult time. It would mean everything to my son & his kallah.

Thank you and you should be blessed to marry off your own children with ease & dignity,

Chaim Dovid Bukshin

A letter from my Rav, HaRav Meir Sirota shlit”a, on our behalf (Hebrew below):

“I have come to recommend and to request on behalf of a dear acquaintance who learns in my gemara shiur, R’ Chaim Dovid Bukshin, who is in a difficult financial situation.

He is the father of a large family of 9, he works very hard for his daily sustenance, and he has many medical expenses for his wife who is sick.

Especially now as he is marrying off his son and the expenses of even a simple wedding are enormous. He is still struggling to pay off the weddings of his 4 previous children, and the medical expenses weigh on him heavily. He is not able to pay even the most basic wedding costs and it is a great mitzvah to help him.

Therefore, I am turning to our brothers Am Yisroel – please have mercy on him and stretch out your hand to him, with a generous spirit and significant support. Help him so the wedding can take place as scheduled.

In the merit of this great mitzvah you should merit and be blessed with an abundance of blessing and success. All your wishes should be fulfilled for the good, with happiness and wealth all your days.

Signing for the merit of this great mitzvah,

Rav Meir Sirota shlita”

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