I Need This Treatment To Save My Life But We Can’t Afford It. Please, For My Kids, Help Me!

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Every day, I see the fear in my children’s eyes. The unsaid words.

“Will Mommy be there for my next birthday?”

“Will she see me at my siddur play?”

Hi, I’m Naomi Friedman. I am a mother to 4 lively boys and my baby Sara’le. I’m also a patient. A seriously sick patient in advanced stages of a rare form of cancer. The tumor has not responded to the chemo, it continues to grow and endanger my life.

I have run out of treatment options in Israel. There is a doctor in Cleveland whose specialized treatment could save my life. Without it… without it I don’t know what will be.

Please, help us. The expenses are huge. We need to fly there, get a place to stay, and afford the procedures, which are not cheap. But the alternative costs so much more: It costs my children their Mommy. They are little. They need me.

My dear Jewish brothers and sisters, I am begging you: Please help in any way that you can

Tizku lmitzvos,


GOAL: $110,000

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Goal $110,000
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