TENSION IN THE NORTH: 400 ZAKA360 Volunteers Need Life Saving Equipment NOW!

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The security situation in Israel’s North is becoming more and more unstable. Hezbollah is targeting Israeli cities from Lebanon on Israel’s Northern border. Entire cities have been set ablaze, and the whole region is on edge: a serious war can break out at any moment.

I’m Rabbi Meir Barel, ZAKA360 Commander of Special Operations.

With imminent danger in the North, we have prepared 400 hundred volunteers in the North to ensure any casualties receive immediate Kosher burial. Our 400 volunteers are lacking basic equipment to enable them to perform Chesed Shel Emes under fire. Each volunteer needs a set that includes a bulletproof vest, ceramic helmet, and tactical vest, among other supplies.

It is tremendously important from a Jewish perspective that any casualties r”l receive a kosher burial, quickly. Our work is dangerous and requires going under enemy fire to find bodies; we won’t be able to do our jobs without personal protection for our 400 volunteers.

We can’t have a repeat of October 7 when we weren’t prepared. We must be ready and able to respond in real time.

Please help us ensure that Israel’s first responders are fully equipped. Every volunteer equipped prevents the agony of families as they wait until their loved ones’ bodies are located and receive kosher burial.

We need to act quickly so that we will be prepared if the security situation gets worse. If enough funds aren’t raised, victims of attacks will be unable to get a kosher and dignified burial.

Praying for peace together with the rest of Israel,

Rabbi Meir Barel
ZAKA360 Commander of Special Operations

GOAL: $100,000

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Goal $100,000
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Rescue Unit Zaka 360 is a unit of ZAKA, doing the mitzvah of "Kavod HaMeis," collecting and burying Jewish bodies with dignity. They run toward danger in the case of terror attacks, war, and other tragedies. Right now, ZAKA 360's teams are working on special operations together with the military to retrieve body parts from the October 7th massacre.

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