We Have Two Children With Severe Autism And We Are Now Drowning In Debt. Please Help Our Family.

Fund ID: 2007


I’m Alon Dukan and these are my two sons, Yair and Achiya. All our kids are very special but Yair and Achiya are extra special– They were born with severe autism.

Our financial situation was never simple. Because of our family’s unique needs we have a lot of extra expenses including medication that isn’t covered by insurance, and unfortunately debt has piled up over the years. Now we are in so much debt and we don’t know how we will pay for tuition, rent, and their medication. These are scary times for us.

We would do anything for our kids and now we desperately need your help to take care of them. Please help us take care of these special neshamas that Hashem has entrusted us with.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to our family to have your support.

Alon Dukan

GOAL: $50,000

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Goal $50,000
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