Without this surgery, I will die R”L. Please help save my life!!!

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THANK YOU UPDATE 12/01/2022:

Dear Klal Yisroel,
It is with deep gratitude in my heart that I send you this message.
A few months ago, I feared for my life. I couldn’t afford the surgery that my very life depended on. As an elderly widower, I never felt so vulnerable and alone.
Boruch Hashem, because of each and every one of you, and your kindness, I had a successful surgery.
You gave me another chance at life. You saved my life. Thank you.
Hashem should bless you that all of the doros that come after you should be shomrei torah umitzvos!
Rabbi Berger



Hello, my name is Rabbi Aharon Berger. Baruch Hashem I was the Rav of kehilas Shearis Yisroel for many years in Beitar, and now I live in Yerushalayim.

I am not well. I have a blockage in my arteries, and my leg has become painful and swollen. I’m not able to walk. Doctors say that without surgery – expensive surgery – I will die, chas v’shalom.

I live very simply. I am a widower, and have been ill for many years. I am begging you from the bottom of my heart… My life is in your hands. Please help me.

Thank you and tizku l’mitzvos

Rabbi Berger

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Goal $35,000
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Whether it’s raising money for a yeshiva, or a life-saving surgery, Achisamach devotes itself to helping widows, orphans, and talmidei chachamim all over the world.

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