My Husband Has Been In A Coma For An Entire Year. Please Help Me.

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I am reaching out to you out of sheer desperation.

My beloved Avremy fell into an induced coma due to brutal pneumonia. I have been torn between crushing despair and fragile hope, every single day.

Avremy has been on a waiting list for an intestine transplant in Washington DC that his life depends on. The surgery, flights, and accommodations are far beyond what I could afford without Avremy’s income for so many difficult months without him.

I am asking you to please donate your month’s maaser to help me save the father of my 3 children. They are so young. Their hearts cannot bear to lose any more of him than they already have.

With tremendous gratitude,

Eliana Reiss

*Photo has been used for illustrative purposes only. Several names have been changed to protect privacy.

GOAL: $100,000

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Goal $100,000
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