PIKUACH NEFESH!!!! Emergency Fund To Help Families Of Avreichim From Southern Israel Escape The Danger!

Fund ID: 1273

All over the south of Eretz Yisroel, families of Avreichim are trapped in the clutch of the escalating conflict, and they urgently need to be relocated to safer regions.

This Is How Your $180 Will Make an Immediate Impact:

• Transportation: Safely moving families away from the danger.
• Accommodation: Providing temporary accomodations in secure locations.
• Necessities: Ensuring access to food, clothing, and medical supplies.

We can’t emphasize this enough- Without your help, these families might not survive.

Please open your hearts, and donate generously, now.

May we all merit to see moshiach bimheira biyameinu amen!!!!

GOAL: $100,000

Raised $2,161
Goal $100,000
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Tzedaka v'chesed is a company that facilitates fundraising in the United States for private fundraisers in Eretz Yisroel.

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