Doctors Say Without These Treatments She Will Die. Please, For Our 7 Kids, Save Mommy’s Life!

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My name is Nosson Apfel.

My wife Shifra is a wonderful person. She works for a chesed organization, and has dedicated her life to helping people in need. When she isn’t working, she is giving everything to our 7 little children, who rely on her for everything.

Right now, Shifra is fighting brain cancer. She is suffering terribly. She looks so different, the littlest of our kids are afraid to see her.

Recently, the doctors gave us the most terrifying news of my life. They said that we have a choice: Either get Shifra to Germany for specialized treatments, or let her die.

Imagine for a moment that doctors told you this about your wife. Of course you would do whatever you could, you would fly to Germany as soon as possible. Even though every fiber of my being is screaming “GO NOW,” we can’t… I am ashamed to admit we can’t afford the trip, or the medical care.

The kids know that Mommy is dying. What they don’t know is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Please, I am begging you – We cannot give up on Shifra’s life. She is our world. If enough people give what they can, we can do this. WE COULD SAVE HER.

Please. My kids need their Mommy.

Thank you

Nosson Apfel

GOAL: $150,000

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Goal $150,000
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