SHOMREI YISRAEL: PROTECT & ARM Yishuvim Across Israel!

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October 7th shocked the world. More than anyone, it shocked those who live in Southern Israel, who realized at the most critical and terrifying moments, that they simply were not equipped to fight off a large-scale terror attack.

Many small yishuvim across Israel are located dangerously close to their Arab neighbors. Shockingly, many of these yishuvim are not protected by a gate or lack the necessary equipment to fight off a terrorist infiltration.

The Simchas Torah massacre made one thing clear: if the yishuvim do not take steps to protect themselves – it can happen again.

The Shomrei Yisrael grassroots movement is raising urgently needed funds to arm & protect yishuvim all across Israel.

Shomrei Yisrael is assisting yishuvim who want to organize an emergency security force purchase firearms, emergency communication equipment and armor. Donate now to save lives!

GOAL: $120,000

Raised $3,603
Goal $120,000
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Orginization Shomrei Yisrael helps with civil protection for the residents of Israel

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