TIME-SENSITIVE PIKUACH NEFESH: 16-Year-Old Suri Needs The Help Of The Klal!

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This is Suri. Suri is sixteen. She’s the second to oldest of ten kids.

Suri has blood cancer. She tried treatments for six months, but nothing has been successful. Her doctors have urged her to go to Houston, Texas for a treatment that gives her a chance at life.

Treatment and flights are estimated at $250k.

Her parents have no money. Her father is a Rosh Kollel and her mother runs a playgroup. The cost is exorbitant. But how can we put a price tag on the life of a precious Jewish girl, a young Bas Yisroel?

We are calling on Klal Yisroel to be the heroes Suri desperately needs. Please donate at least $750 to help her family weather the storm of expenses in time Beezras Hashem. Hashem should bench you and protect you and your loved ones from any harm. Tizku L’mitzvos!

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes. Photo has been used for illustrative purposes only.


GOAL: $250,000

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Goal $250,000
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