Three Months Later, The Odessa Refugees Are Stranded In Germany. Please Save These Yiddishe Kinder!!

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UPDATE 20/7: For the past 3 days Odessa has been bombarded every night with missiles. The Jewish community spends each night huddled in basements, and by day they come to receive food and necessary basic supplies. We have already brought 6 trucks to the community in Odessa – a total of 24 TONS of food and supplies. PLEASE – help us continue providing for Jews stranded in Odessa, as well as the orphanage in Germany and those refugees who are now in Israel.


My name is Rabbi Vigler, and I am the head of the Jewish community of Odessa.

Three months ago, our community fled from our homes, away from the war-torn country of Ukraine. With incredible Hashgacha many of us made our way to Eretz Yisroel, but tragically, too many didn’t make it. Our orphanage we had in Odessa, as well as many refugees young and old, are stranded in none other than Germany.

These people lost their entire world. They had everything in Odessa- Family, homes, jobs. And now…they have nothing.

Please, open up your hearts and do whatever you have in your power to help the little Ukraine refugees and over 200 orphans who are lost, hungry, and scared in a new country. If one of us chooses to help, it will only go so far. But if we all unite, we can truly save these precious yiddishe kinder.

*$870 Help a refugee family in Israel pay one month’s rent

*$350 Subsidize food and basic supplies for a family stranded in Odessa

*$275 Help a family send their child to a Jewish school

*$180 Clothing for one orphan in the orphanage

Your chesed should be a zechus that will Beezras Hashem serve you at a time that you need it the most. On behalf of the entire community of Odessa, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Rabbi Vigler

Hamlatzah from Rabbi Avraham Wolff, Chief Rabbi of Odessa and Southern Ukraine:


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