OUR BABY NEEDS OXYGEN: Your Donation Directly Gives Menachem The Air He Needs To Breathe

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When Menachem was born, it felt like time stood still- He was blue, and struggling to breathe. Menachem was born with his esophagus and trachea connected. There is a surgery that can separate them and enable him to finally eat and breathe on his own, but the surgery costs $500,000 – only half of which is being covered by our health insurance.

Menachem is such a sweet and gorgeous little boy, who has already been through so much. The expenses are so, so far beyond our means. But I cannot give up my child’s life over a matter of money. We are asking with great humility and gratitude that you find it in your heart to help.

THANK YOU in advance for your help! Hashem should bless you and repay you!!!! Tizku Lmitzvos,

The Rivkins

*Names have been changed to protect privacy. Photo has been used for illustrative purposes only.

GOAL: $250,000

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Goal $250,000
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Whether it’s raising money for a yeshiva, or a life-saving surgery, Achisamach devotes itself to helping widows, orphans, and talmidei chachamim all over the world.

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