KOL HAPOSHET YAD: The Kinderlach Of Ukraine Are Begging You For Help!

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While we celebrate the joyous festivities of Purim, there will be Jewish kinderlach in Ukraine who won’t be dressed up as a lion or a kallah, smiling and laughing as they exchange candies with friends.

It’s been more than a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, and a deadly war has ravaged teh country. Jewish families who have remained in Odessa are suffering the effects of the terrible war. On Purim, they may be hiding out in dark bomb shelters, crying out in fear as the deafening sound of bombs explode all around them. Their stomachs will growl with hunger and their children will look up at their parents for reassurance.

On behalf of the community of Ukraine, we are reaching out our hands and begging you for help! Please donate matanos l’evyonim here to help us survive this war! It has gone on for so much longer than any of us could have imagined. Please don’t turn our children away!!!

Hashem should protect you from all harm. You should never know of such tzaros!
Thank you so much!

GOAL: $25,000

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Goal $25,000
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