V’OHAVTEM ES HAGER: A Young Ger Is In Urgent Need Of Medical Treatment

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Right now, a ger by the name of Avraham is in a terrible situation. Avraham is an incredibly brave young man– He left everything familiar many years ago to follow the path of Torah and moved across the ocean to live in Eretz Hakadosh. But now, he is unfortunately going through a severe medical crisis and he has no family, no one to pay for the expensive surgery he needs direly.

Rabbi Yaakov Zilberman is begging readers to come to Avraham’s aid and to help organization Bsiyata quickly gather enough funds to help him in time.

It says in the Torah one time, viahvota leriacha kamocha. But Viahvtem es hager, it says thirty-six times. This proves how important it is to save geirim in their time of need. We urge every person to please generously donate $360 towards saving Avraham.

In the zechus of your kindness, we should all merit bikarov to experience lifelong health ad meah v’esrim with siyatta dishmaya. Thank you and tizku L’mitzvos!

GOAL: $18,000

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Goal $18,000
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