WE WON’T LET TERROR WIN: Chesed Today’s Central Fund To Help The Soldiers, Wounded & Grieving Of Israel

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The blood that has been shed this week will never be forgotten, and the fighting has only begun.

The Chesed Today platform is establishing a central emergency fund “Together we will win”, to support the rescue organizations that depend on donations and funds from the public.

These organizations include:

Zaka volunteers who have been working non-stop since the outbreak of the attack. Volunteers who go to support soldiers going down to the front. Organizations that help the families of the dead, the families of the missing, the families of the prisoners and the families of the sick.

Urgent message from ZAKA CEO
Support ZAKA in the south
Darchei Miriam
Tzedaka V’Chesed


Right now, there are thousands of soldiers on the front lines fighting terrorists, and protecting the Jewish People. These soldiers need supplies and funding for defensive gear, as well as food and shelter. Organization Achisamach purchases and delivers the essentials to our heroes in their time of need.


The Simchat Torah massacre and the days that have since passed created hundreds of widows, children without mothers and fathers. These families have been torn apart and have no stability for the future. Tzedaka V’Chesed helps the families of those who were murdered so that they need not go hungry during this devastating time.


Over 700 people have been brutally murdered, and ZAKA is on the scene. They have done the mitzvah of giving a full Jewish burial to the hundreds who have passed so far, and they continue to be on the front lines of terror.


The families in the Southern towns devastated by Hamas are in a state of crisis. They have fled their homes with only the clothing on their backs. Many of those hit hardest are the families who are already battling cancer. Darchei Miriam gives support to southern families who are listening to bomb sirens from inside the pediatric unit in the hospital.

All of these organizations are uniting here for this central fund in the war against Hamas. Donations go toward helping all of those who have been devastated by the bloodshed so far, including children who lost their parents, to the Jewish soldiers fighting to protect our Homeland.

Donate here to join the fight against Hamas. We will not let terror win.

GOAL: $500,000

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Goal $500,000
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Chesed Today partners with recognized organizations across Israel, to bring important causes to the attention of the Jewish people all over the world. Whether it be emergency funding for families in crisis, treatment costs for cancer patients or ensuring terror victims are buried according to halacha - our organizations are there to help, and Chesed Today is here to make it happen.

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