Our little boy is only four. We need your help so he can live!

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UPDATE: Mi kaamcha yisroel! We are so close to our goal! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped and please please keep it coming. We can’t have come this far for nothing!!!

UPDATE: We are still far from our goal and it’s heart-wrenching to feel this helpless. Please, if you’re reading this, be the miracle for Shmuel. Help us give him the chance he deserves to live and thrive. May Hashem bless your kindness!!!

UPDATE: We are so far from our goal but I refuse to believe that Shmuel won’t make it. My precious son was born to live, I just know it in my bones. Please, open your hearts and help us save him. Time is ticking and we need a hero.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Shmuel is really not doing well and the doctors say we must get him to Germany ASAP. If you have chanced upon our page, please have rachmanus on a little boy who is truly suffering. Please, please give Shmuel another chance before time runs out on him chas vshalom.

Hello, my name is Rochel Miriam Weiss. I am a kindergarten teacher and the mother of nine k’’h and we live in Ashdod.

A few months ago, I was terrified to find a lump on my 4-year-old Shmuel’s little body. Shortly after, my worst fear was confirmed- My precious, sweet, pure-hearted son was diagnosed with childhood cancer.

Shmuel is going through so much for a little boy, and his doctors insist he needs to get the Germany ASAP for a surgery, but the expenses are beyond our means. He is completely at the mercy of the public, the mercy of the Jewish people to survive.

Please, Klal Yisroel, we are begging, we are praying that you will help us, to save Shmuel- to give our son a new body, a new life, and to bring him home.

Hashem should bless you – and your children – with health and only brachos. Only good..

Thank you so so much, and tizku l’mitzvos!

Rochel Miriam Weiss

Please daven for Shmuel ben Rochel Miriam

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GOAL: $64,000

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Goal $64,000
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