I am a widow drowning in debt. Please hear our cry and help us!

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UPDATE: Sukkos is near, and my kids and I have no food to celebrate. We’re on the edge of losing our home. Please, help us find light in this dark time.

Thank you.

-Mrs. Schwartz

My name is Mrs. Schwartz, and I am reaching out today due to utter desperation. 

Three years ago, life as I knew it crumbled when my husband was suddenly taken from our world. My husband was a hard worker and a good providor, but since we lost him, the weight of debt has been drowning us. 

I’ve been presented with a glimmer of hope. If I can manage to pay 200,000 shekels immediately, the bank is willing to halve the total debt. But the clock is ticking, and without this payment, my children and I face the heart-wrenching possibility of our home, our stability, being taken from us.

Every morning, I look into the eyes of my three children, trying to offer them strength, even as my own spirit feels broken. The thought of letting my children down is paralyzing. To all who read this, I plead from the depths of a widow’s heart: Help us hold onto the home that echoes with the laughter and memories of better days. 

Any amount, no matter how small, can pave the path towards a stable future for my children. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Mrs. Schwartz


Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the family. 

GOAL: $60,000

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Goal $60,000
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