Yaakov’s Road To Recovery

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Dear Friends,

I’m Mordechai, and B’’H my wife Malky and I have seven kids. In the picture above is Yaakov, our precious 2.5 year old, rosy-cheeked ben zekunim. Since he was just a baby, Yaakov has had a lot of unexplained health problems. We were never able to connect the dots,
until one day we finally did. Since that moment, our lives have become a fight against the very forces of nature itself: Yaakov has a tumor in his brain, threatening his very life at every given moment.

Yaakov has been suffering from terrible pain in his little legs due to the cancer, and our other children have been greatly affected as well. We have invested all of our savings in treatments- It’s what any parent would do, and now we have run out of funds to continue treatment.

I can’t describe what it’s like watching my little toddler suffer, and battle for his very life, as we sit here helpless. Please, Klal Yisroel, help us continue treatment. Giving up is absolutely not an option but al pi derech hatevah we have no way of keeping our precious Yaakov alive without your support. The only thing standing in the way of Yaakov surviving and thriving is money.

Thank you from the depths of our hearts for considering our plea and for being a pillar of strength for our family. May Hashem bless you abundantly for your kindness, compassion, and support.

With profound gratitude,

Mordechai Goldberg

GOAL: $45,000

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Goal $45,000
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