I’m raising my 2 kids as my wife battles an illness. Please save our fragile family from homelessness!

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I’m Avraham Yisraeli from Netanya

I have 2 young children, ages 6 and 3, going through something most young children never experience.

For the past 3 years, their mother has been battling an illness. My youngest child only knew her mother as a figure in bed – she never had a mother who smiled and cooked for Shabbat and tickled her for fun.

I’ve put in a superhuman effort to give my children stability – even though these past 3 years have been brutal for me. But the hardest blow has been financially. I’ve had to cut down on my working hours to look after my children, and I’ve struggled tremendously to pay the bills and rent and give food and clothing to my little children.

Now, the happy life I worked so hard to create for my kids is about to be shattered. My landlord has threatened to evict us if we don’t pay up the full amount we owe. I don’t have a penny spare, if we lose this home, we’ll simply be on the streets. My children would be shattered if we lost our home, they desperately need this one piece of stability in their upside-down lives.

It’s deeply humbling to ask you this, but I’m begging of you, please have pity on my children who have been through so much. Please save my children from the trauma of being thrown out of the only home they’ve ever known.

Avraham Yisraeli
Netanya, Israel

This campaign is endorsed by Rabbi Efrayim Duani shlita and Chacham Ovadya Cohen shlita. See Hamlatza translation below.

Beit Midrash “Chof Mivtachim” – Netanya

27 Sivan 5784 / 6/23/2024

To our holy Acheinu Beit Yisroel,

With Hashem’s help, whoever is able to to assist a good and dear Jew Avraham who is currently in an extremely difficult period in his life: he is in need of the help of the public and Heaven’s mercy, yehi ratzon.

He is raising his two children with mesirut nefesh, but he is not able to support his family, and many other yissurim and hardships, and he is liable to loose the roof over his head, chas v’shalom.

We are asking of the very generous tzibbur in every way possible to help him! Hashem should give you much success.

You should be blessed with good, with the blessing of Hashem and of the Torah, in return for your good deed. Amen ken yehi ratzon.

We vouch for him, and recommend with all our hearts that you assist him with whatever he needs.

Rabbi Efrayim Duani shlita
Chacham Ovadya Cohen shlita

GOAL: $50,000

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Goal $50,000
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